LLT Clarifiers

LLT Clarifiers


In conjunction with the Louisiana State University Audubon Sugar Institute and specialists from the Louisiana Sugar Industry, Crompion International has developed a new type of low-residence time clarifier. The LLT (Louisiana Low Turbulence) Clarifier is currently being used in the sugar industry, but also being tested in others where solid separation is critical. It uses a patent-pending design of fluid distributors that significantly reduces fluid velocity and eliminates turbulent eddies inside the clarifier. As a result, superior juice quality can be obtained with much lower sucrose losses and higher energy savings. In addition, utilizing a Crompion LLT Filtrate Clarifier can eliminate the need for recirculation, thus opening up 20% plant capacity and achieving much lower residence times – a true industry innovation.

Lowest Turbidity Juice

Crompion’s new LLT Clarifier reduces the juice turbidity at the retention time of 30 minutes or lower. These results have been validated by industrial trials where the LLT was run side by side with alternative clarifier designs. 

Lowest Residence Time

Most of the old clarifiers still in use today have a retention span in the range of one to two hours. Some of the new “best technology” clarifiers range between 30-45 minutes. Commercial tests have demonstrated that the LLT design outperformed the conventional designs in terms of turbidity levels. 

Sugar Loss Reduction and Savings

Shorter residence time results in less sucrose destruction and color formation. With residence time at below 30 minutes, it is estimated that the money saved on sugar loss from a traditional clarifier could pay for the LLT Clarifier in just over a year. Because of the shorter residence time, heat losses are also reduced, which results in energy savings.

Additional long-term savings can be gained by building your new LLT clarifier out of our high-performing, cost-efficient Cromgard® Stainless Steel. For LLT Clarifier pricing or more information, contact us at 225-343-4219 and ask for a member of our technical services team.  

Alternative Applications: Applicable to more than just the sugar industry, alternative application include anywhere solid separation is critical such as Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper, Petro Chemical, Mining and more.